• Summerfield Community Centre, Winson Green Rd, Bham, B18 4EJ
  • 0121 454 4414
  • info@deafworld.org

Gear Project is an opportunity to get behind a wheel of a car and learn to drive safely

The project enables young people to acquire up to 25 hours of driving under the guidance and supervision of qualified driving instructors and British Sign Language Interpreters. Young people will begin to learn to drive on an off road site to familiarise with the car, the driving instructor and establish good communication with the support of the interpreters.

The learners, after two days on the off road site will be ready to move onto the main roads. Some of the learners had moved onto the main roads by day two. The main roads will bring new challenges and test the learners

Two young have people passed their driving theory test and one of them went onto pass his driving test. The 1st Gear project opens up many opportunities for independency, employment, builds confidence and continues to assist young people in their transition. This is a very popular project with young people and has a waiting list.